• 01 Roundup Fire
  • 02 Wyoming Winds
  • 03 Fall Comin' On
  • 04 Hold It On The Road
  • 05 The Wanderer's Song
  • 06 Cottonwood
  • 07 Deseret
  • 08 Nighthorse
  • 09 Reservation Will
  • 10 Edge Of The World
  • 11 High Rollin Cowboy
  • 12 Angels Can Do No More
  • 13 Night Rider


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Roundup Fire
Wyoming Wind
Fall Comin' On
Hold It On The Road
The Wanderer's Song
Reservation Will
Edge Of The World
High Rollin' Cowboy
Angels Can Do No More

DEEPER THAN MUD, Brenn’s second recording produced by Veteran Producer and Songwriter Bruce Innes offers proof that this young songwriter means business. This collection of songs portrays the elegance of the western dream as well as the realities of the challenges of ranch life. Another must-have for your cowboy collection.