• 01 Call You Cowboy
  • 02 Burnin' Hair
  • 03 Lady Idaho
  • 04 Roundup Fire
  • 05 Franklin Canyon Dust
  • 06 Cowboy Cadillac
  • 07 Rewin the West
  • 08 Horseback Getaway
  • 09 Greys River Road
  • 10 Wyoming Wind
  • 11 Fall Comin' On
  • 12 Deseret
  • 13 Daddy's Last Waltz
  • 14 The Store
  • 15 Bitter Creek
  • 16 Woodworker's Hand
  • 17 Long Roll the Wagon
  • 18 The Old Double Diamond

From the open spaces of the Rocky Mountain West, Brenn Hill adds a special twist to the typical GenX… Cowboy Style. Through writing and singing the songs that keep alive the tradition and heart of the American cowboy, Brenn has made a commitment to maintain the legend of the West.

ReRides embraces cowboy life—the old and the new. Hard work, big skies, steadfastness, new love, cowboy pride… these are the values and charm that are no different for the cowboy today than the cowboy that lived a hundred years ago.

ReRides features 18 freshly recorded songs many of which are signature to the Brenn Hill sound and perspective. Songs like Call You Cowboy, an award-winning cowboy anthem that describes the coming-of-age struggle of so many young people in agriculture. Burnin’ Hair—a song that captures the true spirit of the ranch branding party and livestock production. It includes Greys River Road, Wyoming Wind, and Lady Idaho—odes to the states that have inspired Brenn throughout his life. Cowboy Cadillac and Bitter Creek are love songs for the young and old alike. There is a cover of Gary McMahon’s cowboy classic The Old Double Diamond and a new original, Long Roll the Wagon—a tribute to young buckaroos of the Great Basin.

And many more…

This collection of favorites has never been made available digitally until now. Brenn’s seasoned and passionate voice gives new meaning to fan-favorite songs. Recorded by and with some of the music industry’s finest talent, ReRides is sure to captivate listeners who love and long for the Great American West.