• 01 High Country
  • 02 Hey Dawson
  • 03 Courage In The Saddle
  • 04 Single Winter Rose
  • 05 Finnigan
  • 06 Bruneau Canyon
  • 07 Purple Heart
  • 08 A Mothers Love
  • 09 Just Gettin Started
  • 10 Rodeo Heaven
  • 11 Benny
  • 12 Buckaroo Fringe
  • 13 Carissa
  • 14 Horses In Heaven


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High Country
Hey Dawson
Courage In The Saddle
Single Winter Rose
Bruneau Canyon
Purple Heart
A Mother's Love
Just Gettin' Started
Rodeo Heaven
The Buckaroo Fringe
Horses In Heaven

RODEO HEAVEN is the eighth recording for Hill and the sixth under the Red Cliffs Press labeland produced by Brenn and his multi-instrumentalist cohort Ryan Tilby. It features veteran guitarist Rich Dickson and legendary Spokane, Washington bluegrass percussionist Bart Olson.  Hill penned fourteen all-new songs for the album which largely commemorates the immortality of one of the world’s most iconic figures-the cowboy.  “Live” studio recordings feature Brenn playing and singing surrounded by all-star musicians and capture raw emotion and dynamic energy with no auto-tune or studio tricks in chain.