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Austin Triangle

I Like (What I've Got)

Not A Soldier

God And My Wife

Cambridge in the Rain


No Country for Faithless Men

Navajo Rug

Too Hurt to Heal

Two of a Kind

The Humble Son

One Last Ride

Angel Fly Away


The fifteenth release from Brenn and sixth on the Defender’s Recording Label, Songs for a Winter’s Ride is perhaps the artist’s best work yet. Released on iTunes November 14th, 2019, this collection of Holiday favorites intermingled with poignant originals carries its listeners through the Christmas Season, New Years, and possibly beyond.

Recorded at Funk Studios in North Salt Lake City, Utah, the recording features some of Utah’s finest instrumentalists including Ryan Tilby, Ryan Shupe, Mel Shore, and Bart Olson. It’s a broad stroke of sonic pleasure that takes its listener from the high and windy snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the sultry Jazz lounge.

There are classics like “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” that will make you believe you’re listening to a fine acoustic Jazz ensemble while “Angels We Have Heard On High”, “Joy to the World”, and “Little Drummer Boy” speak to the heart of the Christian’s ‘reason for the season’.

Hill covers two classic songwriting legends with Merle Haggard’s “If We Make It Through December” and Gordon Lightfoot’s “Song for a Winter’s Night”. Both risky attempts bring a fresh and contemporary feel to the timeless hits of two of North America’s most accomplished songsmiths.

Hill’s own self-penned season-specific additions articulate the westerner’s plight in the brutal western winter with light and deep-hearted tunes like “Cowgirl For Christmas”, “Christmas in the Bunkhouse”, “Learn to Love the Cold”, and “Hard Cancer Christmas”.  Listeners will laugh, remember, visualize, and cry throughout the whole recording as Hill takes us once again on a ride through the indomitable West – this time in Winter.


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Howlin’ On the Wind
Rocky Mountain Drifter
Black Joe
The Last Catch

Old Ghost

Muddy Creek

Buffalo Beard

There Goes My Son

Drivin’ Daddy’s Jeep

And The River Ran Red

Through the Lightnin’ Storm

Oklahoma Wind

My Angel Wings

Shoot Me

With Rocky Mountain Drifter, his fourteenth album, songwriter and singer Brenn Hill follows a trail far and deep into the heart and soul of the American West. His clear, powerful voice wrings every ounce of feeling from every song, interpreting compositions that reflect the West of today and recollect the West of days gone by. While retaining the roots of the tradition, the arrangements and instrumentation refresh and rejuvenate the substance of cowboy and Western music. Masterful musicians and expert production contribute to a spirited sound sure to seize listeners by the ears and energize emotions.

Brenn’s fourteen original compositions on Rocky Mountain Drifter tell tales of courage, adventure, tragedy, violence, faith, family, longing, struggle, and despair—the full spectrum of the human experience, played out under wide western skies. The title song anticipates the tender homecoming of a traveling man, while “Angel Wings” contemplates a homecoming of a different kind. “There Goes My Son” and “Drivin’ Daddy’s Jeep” address the anxieties of raising teenagers in complicated times, while “Old Ghosts” and “Shoot Me” delve into the opposite end of life. Storytelling takes a hard twist in “Black Joe” and “Buffalo Beard” as they plow a fresh new furrow through the West. The haunting “And the River Ran Red” recounts, with honest reverence, the bloodiest massacre in Western history. Other originals in the collection likewise peel away expectations to plumb new depths. Also included is a fresh rendition of the iconic “Desperados Waiting for a Train” by celebrated Texas legend Guy Clark, and a sparkling interpretation of the number-one Dan Seals rodeo hit, “Everything That Glitters.”

With its wide appeal and deep meaning, watch for Brenn Hill’s Rocky Mountain Drifter to reach new heights in Western music.

Listeners will learn of Rocky Mountain Drifter through social media, e-mail, and other online encounters and advertising. A “Making of Rocky Mountain Drifter – Part 1” and “Making of Rocky Mountain Drifter – Part 2″ videos and the official Rocky Mountain Drifter music video will excite existing fans and attract new ones. Reviews and features will appear in appropriate print media.


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    Spirit Rider
    The Land of No Return
    Guns A Blazin’
    Hill Family Song
    Daddy’s And Daughters
    Ballad of Sim Weston, Jr

    Defenders Recording Company announces the release of SPIRIT RIDER, the eleventh studio recording from Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill. Recorded at Spiral Studios of St George Utah and produced by Brenn Hill and Ryan Tilby , this Faith-Based collection of original songs and popular Hymns was released March 31st, 2015.

    Featuring one of the West’s most dynamic solo artists surrounded by some of the music industry’s finest instrumentalists, SPIRIT RIDER gives bold insight to western life, the land, and the perspective of the Christian Cowboy.

    “Spirit Rider” is a song that portrays the triumphant return of a fallen cowboy to his ranching family after a tragic and accidental death. “Guns A Blazin’” and “Daddies And Daughters” honor the deep love of a father for his children and “Land of No Return” reconnects an Angel with his family following a plane crash that left his “body in ruins ‘neath a stand of Douglas Fir.”

    Popular Hymns like “How Great Thou Art” and “The Rugged Old Cross” are Cowboy Church Classics recorded in contemporary form while Andy Wilkinson’s “Power In the Wind” and Red Steagall’s “One Empty Cot In the Bunkhouse” leave you with visions of the Texas Canyons that inspired them.

    If you love and long for the West, if the Mountain is your Church, and if Christ is your Beacon, SPIRIT RIDER will take you to high places.