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How You Heal
Middle Age Cowboy
Highway to Nogales
Twenty and Cowboy
American Blue Eyes
Fair Weather Cowboy
The Mountain is My Mistress
The Dell
Cowgirl Dreams
Mama Bair
The Houndsman
She Could’ve Married A Cowboy
Knight On A White Horse
A Better Friend
Wolf Reaper

HOW YOU HEAL is the twelfth original studio album from Cowboy Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill. Inspired by a life in and a love of the West, Hill continues to give great insight to the indomitable spirit of the Cowboy and the high and lonesome corners of the last American frontiers.

Surrounded by some of the music industry’s finest instrumentalists, Brenn’s confident performances reflect an undeniable passion for his music and the people and places that inspire him. The title track, “How You Heal”, is a poignant tribute to a Utah Ranch Family reeling in the wake of tragedy. In its haunting refrain, we learn “how you heal a cowboy’s heart”. There is “healing in the mountain’s church” and “peace for the hearts that hurt”. It is the song that Brenn calls his “greatest work yet.”

“Modern-Day, Middle-Age Cowboy” is a tribute to the forty-something cowboys that are torn between the life they long to live and the obligations of a growing family. “Twenty and Cowboy” is a look back at the wonder and optimism that a young cowboy experiences as he hires on for his first job in the saddle. “The Highway To Nogales” is the story of a brave cowboy’s desperate plea to a Mexican Drug Lord and his odyssey through the Sonoran Desert. “Mono” gives insight to the depth and strength of the kinship between a cowboy and his working partner – the horse. “Knight On a White Horse” honors fatherhood and the integrity of family, while “Wolf Reaper” and “The Houndsman” give real insight to the men who spend their winters chasing the great predators of the West.

HOW YOU HEAL is a recording that covers a broad range of themes, none more prominent than a pure love of the land. It is both a look back and forward from an artist that knows what it takes to survive, thrive, and find love in the rugged and beautiful mountains and plains of the American West. Order your CD today!

CUT-BY-CUT (The story behind the songs)

01 How You Heal
02 Middle Age Cowboy
03 Highway to Nogales
04 Twenty and Cowboy
05 American Blue Eyes
06 Fair Weather Cowboy
07 The Mountain is My Mistress
08 Mono
09 The Dell
10 Cowgirl Dreams
11 Mama Bair
12 The Houndsman
13 She Could’ve Married A Cowboy
14 Knight On A White Horse
15 A Better Friend
16 Wolf Reaper



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Ode to Selway
Breakaway Runaway
Blacktail Butte
Ridin' Job
A Cowgirl's Goodbye
The Ones That Changed Our Lives
The Bristlecone Pine
It Wasn't California
Salmon River Motel
The Rawhide Braider
Angles in this Room
50 Years

Announcing the new release from singer/songwriter Brenn Hill, Red Cliffs Press is proud to present a collection of music that honors the great Selway Wilderness and beyond. Featuring twelve all-new, all-original songs and a cover of legendary Ian Tyson’s “Fifty Years Ago,”  (more…)


The official release of the long-awaited Christmas recording by Hooper, Utah-based Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill. Recorded at Metcom, Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah, and produced by Brenn and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Ryan Tilby, this collection features Christmas favorites like “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, “Silent Night”, and a honky-tonk version of “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer”, as well as a few originals from Brenn like “Quinney’s Riggin’”, and “North Pole Rodeo.”

NORTH POLE RODEO is the seventh release from Red Cliffs Press and the ninth recording from artist Brenn Hill.



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High Country
Hey Dawson
Courage In The Saddle
Single Winter Rose
Bruneau Canyon
Purple Heart
A Mother's Love
Just Gettin' Started
Rodeo Heaven
The Buckaroo Fringe
Horses In Heaven

RODEO HEAVEN is the eighth recording for Hill and the sixth under the Red Cliffs Press labeland produced by Brenn and his multi-instrumentalist cohort Ryan Tilby. It features veteran guitarist Rich Dickson and legendary Spokane, Washington bluegrass percussionist Bart Olson.  Hill penned fourteen all-new songs for the album which largely commemorates the immortality of one of the world’s most iconic figures-the cowboy.  “Live” studio recordings feature Brenn playing and singing surrounded by all-star musicians and capture raw emotion and dynamic energy with no auto-tune or studio tricks in chain.



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Back's Against The Wall
Casey's A Cowboy
The Ballad of Ed Cantrell
Wild Weber River
Rachel's Roses
Hell On Yer Women
Hey Little Isaac
Still Your Little Cowgirl
Nothin' In This Life
With A Whisper
Where the High Meets the Lonesome
Ridin' Them Colts
Monster On Your Back
Carter Cedars
The Power of Prayer

EQUINE is the seventh studio recording from Utah Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill. Features 16 original songs that in large part focus on the relationship between people and their horses. It includes audience favorites like “Monster On Your Back”, a song written about seventy-plus-year-old cowboy legend Bill Hadlock from Huntsville, Utah, and “Ridin’ Them Colts”, a song about a cowboy’s life-long addiction to colt-breaking. Other live-performance favorites like “Rachel’s Roses”, “Nothin’ In This Life” and “Carter Cedars” commemorate the profound struggle of cancer and the healing power of horses, while “The Ballad of Ed Cantrell” honors the life and career of the controversial lawman from Sweetwater County, Wyoming.

The album also features an all-star cast of award-winning musicians such as Larry Beaird, Jonathan Yudkin, JT Corenflos, and Eddie Bayerz. Recorded at Beaird Music Group studios in Nashville, Tennessee, the result is a broad array of musical influences and tastes that create a diverse listening experience for any music lover. The recording comes on the heels of some of the most challenging experiences of Hill’s life and will leave you with good reason to be hopeful for the injured bronc-rider, the cancer-stricken child, or the horses that bring peace to the high and low points of life. It is an inspiring look at the generational nature of equine love, ranching, fatherhood, and the ever-determined western spirit. If you love horses you must have EQUINE.

CUT-BY-CUT (The story behind the songs)

01 Equine

02 Back's Against The Wall
03 Casey's A Cowboy
04 The Ballad Of Ed Cantrell
05 Wild Web River
06 Rachel's Roses
07 Hell On Yer Women
08 Hey Little Isaac
09 Still Your Little Cowgirl
10 Nothin' In This Life
11 With A Whisper
12 Where The High Meets The Lonesome
13 Ridin' Them Colts
14 Monster On Your Back

15 Carter Cedars

16 The Power Of Prayer



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Meet Me In McCall
The Onyx Mine
The Ballad of Buffalo Brogan
Sweetwater Beach
What A Man's Got To Do
Oak Brush
She Loves Me Anyway
The Ballad of Pogue and Elms
Casa Blanca
Jeremiah's Last Ride
The Gaping Jaws Of Hell
Into The Wind
Simple Things

WHAT A MAN’S GOT TO DO, Brenn’s sixth album release.Like previous albums, this contains songs that speak boldly of life in the modern mountain west, songs punctuated by crisp cinematic imagery and underscored by confident melodies. While the central theme in Hill’s other albums are once again apparent, this release reveals a new maturity in Brenn’s songwriting as he offers his deepest exploration yet of the core values of the cowboy.

CUT-BY-CUT (The story behind the songs)

01 Meet Me In McCall
02 Caffeine
03 The Onyx Mine
04 The Ballad of Buffalo Brogan
05 Sweetwater Beach
06 What A Man’s Got To Do
07 She Loves Me Anyway
08 Oakbrush
09 The Ballad of Pogue and Elms
10 Debt
11 Casa Blanca
12 The Gaping Jaws of Hell
13 Jeremiah’s Last Ride
14 Into the Wind
15 Simple Things



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Buckaroo Tattoo
Pickup Truck Café
Last of the Redrock Riders
Dance Like The Fire
My Old Chevy
Be Back In Texas
One Hand In The Riggin'
Little John
Lost River Outpost

ENDANGERED, Brenn’s fifth album, features deep insight into the heart and soul of life in the west as he boldly takes on delicate issues like conservation, romance, and the indomitable western spirit. Crisp cinematic imagery is abundant throughout each of the fourteen cuts. Produced and arranged by Veteran Record Producer and songwriter Eddie Schwartz, Endangered will take you on a journey through the west of yesterday and today and offer new perspective and insight into the cowboy of the 21st Century.