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(Brenn Hill/Red Cliffs Press Music BMI)

Verse 1:
Hey Dawson let’s ride again
Up Franklin Canyon with our faces to the wind
Let’s start at daybreak when the East is turnin’ gray
Laugh about the ones that got away

Hey Dawson let’s ride again
Up the old red dugway and around the aspen bend
Up on top of Timberfork and down the other side
Let’s count our blessings as we ride

For the time’s a changin’ the city’s closin’ in
Across that old cattle guard our troubles all begin
My heart is broken I need a friend
Hey Dawson let’s ride again

Verse 2:
Hey Dawson where the Hell you goin’
Huntin’ season’s comin’ and there’s talk of early snow
These old red canyons they won’t ever be the same
Just by the mention of your name

Hey Dawson I’ll write you a song
But this time where you’re goin’ I can’t ride along
From old Hunt’s Meadow to the dusty Echo side
Those were the best times in my life

Repeat Chorus

Final Verse:
Hey Dawson let’s ride again
Paradise can’t hold a candle to the places we have been
Beneath the endless shadows of majestic Lewis Peak
Until They set my spirit free

Final Chorus

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