Ode To Selway…

March 23rd, 2014

Announcing the new release from singer/songwriter Brenn Hill, Red Cliffs Press is proud to present a collection of music that honors the great Selway Wilderness and beyond. Featuring twelve all-new, all-original songs and a cover of legendary Ian Tyson’s “Fifty Years Ago,” Ode To Selway marks another milestone for an artist that continues to pay homage to life and love in the Rocky Mountain West.

Alongside veteran producer and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Yudkin, Brenn hits full artistic stride with lyrics and melodies that weave deep emotion and cinematic western imagery with instrumentation provided by a collection of award-winning studio masters. The live essence of an intimate singer/songwriter performance is captured in multiple cuts with Brenn playing and singing on “Blacktail Butte” and the Waddie Mitchell collaboration “Rawhide Braider”.

“A Cowgirl’s Goodbye” is a song about a wounded bronc rider left to his perils by the Texas Cowgirl he loved less than rodeo. “Breakway Runaway” is a song about the girls that were born to rope, ride, and long for their loved ones back home. “Salmon River Motel” tells the star-crossed love story of a lonesome Montana buckaroo and a river guide born to the water while “Brianna” pays tribute to the young cowgirl left behind in the wake of family turmoil from substance abuse.

Cowboy Poet and buckaroo Waddie Mitchell appears in a second collaborative effort, “Bristlecone Pine”, a poem that he penned for the wounded hearts of war set to music by Brenn. “Angels in this Room” is a song about the team of spirits that rallied to save Hill’s young son Briggs from the clutches of brain and spinal cancer. “The Ones That Changed Our Lives” commemorates the short life of Emily Parker, tragically killed at Newtown in December of 2012.

The list goes on for Ode To Selway, available now on Itunes, at www.brennhill.com, and Amazon.com. It is a must-have for those who live in, long for, and love the vast expanses of the untamed Rocky Mountain West.


October 3rd, 2012

Red Cliffs Press is excited to announce the official release of the long-awaited Christmas recording by Hooper, Utah-based Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill. Recorded at Metcom, Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah, and produced by Brenn and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Ryan Tilby, this collection features Christmas favorites like “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, “Silent Night”, and a honky-tonk version of “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer”, as well as a few originals from Brenn like “Quinney’s Riggin’”, and “North Pole Rodeo.”

North Pole Rodeo is the seventh release from Red Cliffs Press and the ninth recording from artist Brenn Hill.  An Itunes pre-release is set for Oct 2nd, 2012, with a street and website release of Oct 16th.  For more information, go to www.brennhill.com and click on “Music”.

Rodeo Heaven featured on Itunes

June 14th, 2012

Red Cliffs Press is proud to announce that Rodeo Heaven, the all-new release by Hooper, Utah Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill is currently featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of Itunes Country.  This announcement comes on the heels of the official Itunes release (May 15th 2012), and is the eighth recording for Hill and the sixth under the Red Cliffs Press label.

Hill’s career spans nearly two decades and his music commemorates western lifestyles, themes, and values.  Recently, Hill partnered with the US Cattlemen’s association in an effort to provide additional financial support through the Christmas Holidays of 2010, and 2011. He was featured in the September 2010 issue of Western Horseman magazine and Hill’s last recording Equine, garnered worldwide recognition and airplay. Hill tours extensively through the US and Western Canada and will be featured at the 2013 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada next February.

Rodeo Heaven was recorded in Utah and produced by Brenn and his multi-instrumentalist cohort Ryan Tilby. It features veteran guitarist Rich Dickson and legendary Spokane, Washington bluegrass percussionist Bart Olson.  Hill penned fourteen all-new songs for the album which largely commemorates the immortality of one of the world’s most iconic figures-the cowboy.  “Live” studio recordings feature Brenn playing and singing surrounded by all-star musicians and capture raw emotion and dynamic energy with no auto-tune or studio tricks in chain.

Hill’s successful partnership with ITunes includes prior recordings like Endangered (2004), What A Man’s Got To Do (2007), and Equine (2010).  The relationship demonstrates the shift in the recording industry from physical product to the digital realm where technology offers immediate and constant access to consumers of recorded music.

For more information on Brenn Hill, visit his website at www.brennhill.com.   To access Rodeo Heaven at the ITunes store, go to http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rodeo-heaven/id524529554?uo=4.

Watch for Brenn’s continued partnership with US Cattlemen during the Christmas 2012 season. Learn more about US Cattlemen at www.uscattlemen.org.

Coming Soon from RCP…

April 9th, 2012

Brenn Hill-Rodeo Heaven

The eighth recording from renowned Cowboy Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill is Rodeo Heaven: a collection of 14 all-new, all-original songs that celebrate life’s most profound rites of passage and the immortality of one of the World’s most iconic figures-the cowboy.

It features “live” studio recordings-Brenn playing and singing each song with no auto-tune or studio tricks in chain.  Surrounded by an assortment of some of the West’s finest roots musicians, the result is an array of deeply emotional performances carefully sculpted by Brenn and Acoustic Music Producer-Extraordinaire Ryan Tilby.

“The subject matter of this recording is deep and personal,” expounds Hill, “and we wanted to convey raw emotion. It was heavy at times, I’m not going to lie to you, I shed a tear or two on this one.”

With songs like “Rodeo Heaven”, “Hey Dawson”, “Single Winter Rose”, “A Mother’s Love”, and “Horses In Heaven”, the passage of lives and the iconic characters that are so honorably portrayed are both tragic and triumphant, sorrowful and celebrated. Clear messages of hope and love abound in the parting messages that Hill weaves into his words and melodies about life, the land, horses, and the indomitable western spirit.

“Courage in the Saddle” and “Just Gettin’ Started” offer praise to Western Legends like Bobby Adair and “Junior” Naisbitt who graced the Quarter Horse Racetrack and the Rodeo Arena touching thousands of lives on their journeys.  “Purple Heart” celebrates the life of a haunted soldier that turns to the Great Bob Marshall Wilderness to stave off the grasp of Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome. And “Carissa” pays tribute to the Music Therapist that helped Hill’s young son, Briggs, survive the impossible.

Rodeo Heaven is layered with emotion and cinematic imagery rich with captivating melodies and acoustic purity.  It is a fitting showcase for an artist that so purely represents the deep faith and courage of the Cowboys and Cowgirls he sings about.  Brenn Hill is an artist in full stride on Rodeo Heaven and this collection of recordings gives profound insight to the West that Hill calls Heaven.

US Cattlemen’s Association Partnership

December 15th, 2011

YEEEHAW!! It’s Christmas again! My favorite time of year…how could it not be? With three little ones at home excited for Santa, it’s like a month-long party here at the Hill Ranchette.  Our little family has been very blessed.

So I welcome the opportunity again to partner with the United States Cattlemen’s Association in an effort to send some goodwill to the backbone organization of the Agricultural Industry.  I couldn’t do what I do without US Cattlemen and their families.

So for the month of December, I will donate a portion of every CD I sell to the USCA.  It’s my way of saying thanks for their support of me, my family, and my music.  They beat the odds year in and year out to bring a wonderful product to our dinner tables and I invite you to join me in my effort.

May you all enjoy the Christmas Season with your families and friends and remember the good ranchers and farmers that put food on our tables and clothes on our backs.

God Bless the United States Cattlemen’s Association.

Warm Regards,